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Photo Gallery: Shows

USCA – show in Detroit, MI on July 15, 2017
SV Koemeister Wilhelm Nordsieck

The first six pictures show Cyrus in the working class where he earned his V rating.

He came in the 2nd place.

Cyrus shows a beautiful gate.

Even though he did not win, he received a wonderful critique from the judge.

Cyrus in stand position.

These two pictures show Faya. She came in the second place.

USA SIEGER SHOW in Macon, GA on April 20 - 23, 2017 under
SV and WUSV Judge Peter Arth (Male class judge) and SV Judge Richard Brauch (Female class judge)

The first 6 pictures show Faya.

She did very well in the ring that day.

She shows very nice gaiting.

It was extremely hot that day.

Faya came in 3rd place.

Our Laya came in the 4th place.

Laya and Faya relaxing after the show.

USCA – show in Adrian, MI on September 16, 2016 under
USA Judge Karen Macintyre and USCA/SV Judge Heidi Theis

Our baby Laya came in the first place.

It was the first time when she was shown in conformatin ring. She did very well.

Cyrus won second place.

He showed very nice getting.

Kai came in 3rd place.

Tina won first place.

The biggest star of the show was our Faya. Of course she came in 1st place.

The judge approached Jana and congratulated her on such a stunning female.

USA SIEGER SHOW in Indianapolis, IN on April 28 -May 1, 2016
under SV judges Herr Dieter Oeser ( Female Class Judge ) and Helmut Koenig ( Male Class Judge )

Cyrus vom Team Barrett came in 2nd place in his class 18-24 months.

Kai showed a very nice stand even though he did not like the mud and the heavy rain.

Kai came in the 3rd place.

Tina presented herself very well that day.

She came in 2nd place.

Faya vom Team Barrett came in fourth place in 9 to 12 senior puppy class.

She earned VP rating which is very good.

This is our baby Laya. She was 11 weeks old on this picture.

This is Italy.

Laya and Italy have not been shown that weekend. They were too young to enter the class but they had fun anyway.

Cyrus is enjoying his walk.

Tina with her trophy.

Cyrus is posing with his trophy, too.

Jana would like to say thank you to her friends for taking such a good care of the dogs and having great time at the Sieger Show.

Cyrus on the left, Tina in the middle and Kai on the right.

NEW ENGLAND REGIONAL CONFORMATION SHOW in East Amherst, NY on October 25, 2015
under SV Judge & Kormeister Franz Kampenhuber

Our Cyrus vom Team Barrett came in 1st place in his class 12-18 months.

Cyrus is relaxing before entering the ring.

Tina earned another SG1 rating.

She always looks so proud.

She received very nice compliments from the judge.

Kai was pronounced the most beautiful dog at the show.

Of course, he came in the 1st place.

MIDEASTERN REGIONAL SHOW in Woodburn, KY on July 10, 2015
under SV judge Dieter Oeser

Our Tina vom Hauswalder Bach earned first place.

She had to present herself in front of the judge.

Tina in stand.

Kai is showing beautiful gaiting.

Kai performed very well even though it was so hot and humid.

Kai von der Feldscheune came in 1st place.

Tina and Kai are enjoying the trophies.

Relaxing after the show.

USA SIEGER SHOW in Zion, IL on May 15 - 17, 2015
under SV judges Margit Van Dorssen ( Female Class Judge ) and Harald Hohmann ( Male Class Judge )

Soren vom Kuckucksland placed second in his class.

What a great succes for Jana on that day.

Tina vom Hauswalder Bach came in fourth place.

She did not like to sit for the picture.

Of course, Tina and Kai had to take the picture together on the podium.

Kai von der Feldscheune place in 5th place.

Jana had a pleasure to meet a sister of Cyrus. She had to take a picture with Chiara. She placed second in her young puppy class.

Tina is getting ready for gaiting.

MIDEASTERN REGIONAL SHOW in Washington, PA on November 15, 2014
under USA judge Karen Macintyre

Tina vom Hauswalder Bach showed a beautiful gating in the ring.

She received very nice report from the judge.

Our Cyrus was also registered for the show .

He came in 1st place in the puppy class.

Kai won 1st place in 12 to 18 months class.

So did Soren came in the first place in his class.

Our Babe vom Haus Dexel won first place, too.

What a cute face!

USA SIEGER SHOW in St. Louis, MI on May 16 - 18, 2014
under SV judge Wilhelm Nordsieck

Our VP4 Tina vom Hauswalder Bach in the stand for the judge.

Kai von der Feldscheune came in second place.

Kai is the son of the famous .........

......VA1 Chacco von der Freiheitt Westerholt.

Soren vom Kuckucksland came in the first place.

Soren performed a beautiful gating in the ring.

Our Babe vom Haus Dexel won first place, too.

Her coat is just slowly growing back.

MIDEASTERN REGIONAL SHOW in Indianapolis, IN on October 13, 2013
under SV judge Adolf Glaser

Babe vom Haus Dexel

came in 1st place.

Her coat just grown back.

Soren came in 2nd place.

Soren is always looking for Jana.

He is not easy to show due to his size and power. He is borderline for the standard of the GSD.

Tina, Soren and Babe together with Jana and her friend.

USA SIEGER SHOW in Lake Geneva, WI on May 11, 2013
under USA/ SV judge Rudiger Mai

Soren came in 1st in his class.

What a beautiful gait!

This picture shows, that not only the dog has to be in good condition.

Soren turned into an extreme beautiful young male.

He presented himself very well that day.

Soren vom Kuckucksland enjoying his trophy.

NASS -show in Medinah, IL on October 19, 2012

Soren being shown by my friend from Germany, he came in second place.

He is a very large and big boned male...

...with a very nice face and masculine head.

Soren has a straight front...

...and a beautiful dark mask.

Soren vom Kuckucksland with his trophy.

USCA – show in Diamond, OH on October 22, 2011
USA/ SV Judge Johannes Grewe

Babe vom Haus Dexel.

She is in the process of changing her coat.

Jurza von der Kahler Heide

USAC – show in Bowling Green, KY on March 19, 2011
Judge Karen Maclntyre

The first time our 15-month-old male “Jurza von der Kahler Heide” has been shown in the U.S.

He has everything we are looking for in a beautiful Longhair German Shepherd Dog

Jurza has a very good bone structure

He received SG1 in young dog class

Our young female Babe

Babe has a pretty dark mask

Full of energy, look at this beautiful gait

“Babe vom Haus Dexel" received SG1 in open class and an outstanding report from the judge

Babe and Jurza relaxing after the show



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