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Haus-Neufus FAQ

Do you ship your puppies?
Yes! We ship puppies within the Continental US. Typically flying a puppy is $550 to $800 which includes the crate and health certificate.

Our hometown is located about 10 miles away from Columbus, Ohio.

Puppies can be shipped easily through a company located at the Columbus airport to all locations. We will bring the pups ourselves to the airport and take care of the paperwork. Please contact us for more information. 

Do you microchip your GSD puppies?

Are any of your dogs DNA tested?

How often do you have puppies available?
We have 2 - 3 litters per year.

Are your Long Coat German Shepherd dogs hips and elbows certified?

How are your Long Coat German Shepherd parents registered?
I have dogs registered in following clubs:


Some of my dogs are multi-registered.

What amount is the deposit that you require to hold a puppy until it is old enough to leave the litter?
We require a $500 deposit to hold a place in a litter. Pick of puppies is determined by who sends in deposits first and what type of home the puppies are going to (working or pet).

What is your Long Coat German Shepherd puppy price?
Our Long Coat puppy price is $3000 and up. It depends on the pedigree of the parents.

What happens to our deposit if we change our mind about buying a puppy?
Deposits are non-refundable. If you decide not to get a puppy you will lose your deposit. However, deposits are refundable if we are not able to provide puppy as per contract or your deposit can be moved to the purchase of a different litter. Deposits are accepted only after phone consultation, completion of puppy questionnare and contract. The order of picks is by dates deposits are received.

Can we be added to the waiting list?
Yes, the waiting list is an optoion for you if you don't want to put down a deposit. Spot on the waiting list does not confirm your reservation but you wil be notified around the time of breeding. You will be given an opportunity to place your deposit right away before puppies will be offered to other potential customers.

Can we apply our deposit to another pup at a later date?
Yes, we understand circumstances can change and we never want to force a person to get a puppy at a specific time.

What happens to our deposit if there are not enough puppies born in the litter and we are unable to receive a puppy?
The deposit is transferrable to another litter of your choice.

Can I name my puppy?
Vom Haus Neufus registers all puppies in the kennel name. If you have placed a deposit, you can elect to pick a “call name.” However, all puppies will be registered with VHN in their name. We use this as a tracking mechanism to watch which dogs obtain titles, health certifications, etc.

Do you allow people to visit your facility?
Yes, we encourage people to visit the facility. Our home is available for visits based on appointment, so please call ahead.




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